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Enjoy dudhwa jeep safari in National Park..

If you’ve never experienced wildlife in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, now is the time. Located right at the edge of the Indo-Nepal border, Dudhwa National Park is home to several endangered species, among other gorgeous flora and fauna. You could travel here before the year-end as that is the best time to spot wildlife in the national park as most animals come out to bask in the sun and drink river water.

An early morning jungle safari is a great idea to start your tryst with the wild here. You would have to traverse through dense forests and mosaic grasslands to muddy marshes, the topography as varied as the wildlife population it has.

Covering a huge land area of 811 square kilometers, the land of the park is scattered with enormous lakes, pools, and rivulets. The fertile plains of this Indo-Gangetic region therefore also support a marvelous assortment of flora. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve has some of the best Saal trees in the globe and a haven for bird watchers.

Planning for an excellent safari vacation in this excellent national park permits you and your friends the chance of taking a required break from busy routine life. With this excellent safari, you and your friends are sure in order to obtain an excellent chance of experiencing or exploring the green vegetation and attractions of this national park. The location is an ideal choice for people who are really passionate about enjoying wildlife and nature.

Enjoy your ride