Learning about Nature the fun way

In 2006, when environment education was introduced as a mandatory subject, School authorities were wondering how to teach this subject. We suggest they send their students for Our Camp at Dudhwa. We referred to this place as a ‘Lost Paradise’ because few people were aware of either its location or its great treasures.

We organized activities like Nature Walks, Jungle Safari, Quiz, Bird Watching, and Campfire Performances. We shared every bit of information that we had gathered about Dudhwa.

From 2006 onwards, 61 schools have participated, many of whom have come time and again?

Certainly, they come for the DARES! These are thrilling challenges that have to be accomplished. They are contests of observation, analysis, and decisiveness. The Campers describe the DARES through a host of adjectives:

“Awesome! Amazing!!….”

Many Campers come for their love of nature and the great outdoors. Added to that is the warmth and homeliness of our Camp. For a couple of days, we all- our team, teachers, Campers, drivers, forest guides- become part of one big family at our beautiful home away from home in Dudhwa.